David is an excellent project manager – he understands the role of project management very well. He has excellent technical leadership skills, is able to lead project teams to achieve great results without getting his fingers into the engineering discipline’s gearboxes. He is also very proficient at developing and implementing world class project execution and management systems. He is a pleasure to work with as an engineer as he understands the engineering work, but does not interfere with it. He is enthusiastic, hard working and very ethical…
Andy Redman (Process Engineering Manager Chevron South Africa)

David is an experienced project manager that acts in a professional manner towards both client and project team. He is very pro-active in planning and identifying potential issues before they are likely to become a problem. David always takes the inputs of the project team into account before making any project related decisions. This helps to build a strong team spirit and ensures that everyone is always informed of the status of any project. David is always willing to listen to his team members, both from a technical and emotional perspective. He has learnt that a happy team is a productive one.
Fayaad Marques (Senior Engineer ADP Projects)

I know David as a project manager working from South Africa. David is using and used in our particular project his personal talents to motivate skilled individuals helping them to get the best of themselves. This is a natural for David! In our project David and his team have achieved many ‘firsts’ forming a potential basis for other projects and benefits to all parties involved. The project was completed successfully, with a success story being published. It is my pleasure to know David both as a person and as a professional project manager. Anytime again in the future David.
Walter Wilsen (International Major Account Manager Yokogawa Holland)

Dave is a meticulous project manager who pays attention to all aspects of project management. His attention to detail and work ethic was one of the contributing factors to the success of the DCS Replacement Project at Chevron’s Refinery in Cape Town. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommended him as a project manager.
Tim Buley (Senior Systems Engineer Yokogawa SA)

I worked with Dave on a project for a major Oil Refinery. I experienced him as a knowledgeable Project Manager with strong focus on systems and procedures related to the job. He is a good leader, he is well organised and is a good listener. 
Johan van Wyk (Lead Engineer Yokogawa SA )