Project Systems has over 25 Years experience in the project management of multi-disciplinary engineering projects and offers overall project management of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems Projects. Project Systems applies the principals and tools incorporated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK® when managing projects. The combination of experience and implementation of the project management fundamentals included in the PMBOK® ensures that projects are completed successfully.

Services offered for Solar PV Projects include:

  • Energy Audit and evaluation of clients current electrical consumption
  • Consultation with clients to agree design basis based on the businesses operational requirements
  • Full Specifications of PV systems including quantity, make (manufacturer) and model number of the solar modules, inverter/charger, charge controller and battery bank
  • Overall System design and preparation of Request for Quotations for all equipment, installation and commissioning
  • Formal technical and commercial adjudication of tenders received from suppliers and contractors
  • Detailed design based on the selected equipment and clients requirements
  • Appointment of contractors and procurement of equipment for and on behalf of clients
  • Project Management of the design, installation and commissioning phases

Photovoltaic Back-up systems can be designed to ensure that the consumer (private or small business user) has uninterrupted power supply during load shedding. As soon Eskom or municipal power supply fails or is cut-off the system will automatically activate and take over the supply to the connected loads. If required the change over to back-up or solar power will happen seamlessly ensuring that computers and other electronic equipment continue to operate without disruption.